Grow With Bishop James Dixon II

Community Economic Empowerment

What’s involved with Community Economic Empowerment?

Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

At James Dixon Ministries, Bishop James Dixon believes a community that is economically empowered holds the solutions to success and magnifies God’s power. For this reason, Bishop Dixon created Dominion Kingdomplex.  It was a promise to take an unappealing area and create a thriving community.  Bishop Dixon and members of his church, The Community of Faith, built a 50-acre development that includes single-family dwellings, multi-unit complexes, schools, and business entities that serve the community.

Bishop James Dixon believes community economic empowerment involves “Embracing a vision that necessitates thinking beyond the congregational, denominational and traditional dimensions. It requires Kingdom thinking which transcends all artificial boundaries and human-imposed restrictions, that otherwise limits God’s ability to demonstrate His power and glory”. However, through God’s Power, communities embrace the vision of growth and success for their neighborhoods and discover it is the cornerstone of community economic empowerment.

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